Buderim Bowls Club


Tuesday 26 November - Ladies pairs/triples winners K Johnston/K Kaltenbrunn, r/up T Norris/V Lester.

Thursday 28 November - Men’s pairs a.m. winners P Roppola/B Lawson, r/up K McMaster/B Medlicott, p.m. winners G Hewish/D Clough, r/up S Ogden/D Pullar. Sponsors Mackenzie Aged Care and Cafe 65 Buderim.
Friday 29 November - Mixed pairs/triples winners M Muir/K Scanlan, r/up T Denne/D Fialla, J Pilarski. Sponsor Buderim Bowls Club.
Saturday 30 November - Men’s triples/fours winners G Hawthorne/W Watson/S Ogden, r/up C Harris/R Dargusch/M Hagan. Sponsors Eyecare Plus Buderim and Cafe 65 Buderim.
Sunday 1 December - 1st Semi Final Club Mixed Pairs Pam Jones/Ray Lamb def Trish Norris/Paul Green, Jo Foster/Brian Kelly def Alva Ogden/Steve Ogden.


Club Maroochy.




Friday 15 November - Winners: Elizabeth Muir, Dorothy Baumann  and Morton  Howes. Runners up:  Peter Williams, Jan Waddell and Alvin Sinn.

Wednesday 20 November - Winners Joy Litfin and Jill Lougheed. Runners Up   Grace Cronin, Alvin Sinn and Barbara Doak.

Thursday 21 November - Men's Bowls, Winners: Rod McDougall, Roger Wood and Peter Eley. Runnersup: Greg Davis, Terry Nethercote and Rob Caldwell.

Friday 22 November - Winners  Jan Parks, Tric Aldridge and Clive Cuthbert. Runners Up  Marg Lindsay, Shirley Muller and John Schmith.

Monday 25 November - Men's Bowls, Winners: Roy Foxwell and John Gillen. Runnersup: Terry Oxley and Mike Kent. Wirreanda Newsagency and Sunshine Gates jackpot was not won and will now be $650 next Monday.

Thursday 28 November - Men's bowls, Winners: Richard Ball, Les Hilder and Benny Pecetta. Runnersup: John Cullen, Ray Kucks and Jim Mackney.

Monday 2 December - Men's bowls. Winners: Peter Evans and Jim Mackney. Runnersup: Roy Foxwell and John Gillen. WirreandaNewsagency and Sunshine Gates jackpot was not won and will be $670 next Monday.




Mooloolaba BowlsClub.



Monday 25 November - MABA pairs winners T Flynn, G Geary 4w +41; r'up C Hippersley, A Arnold 4w +7; 3rd D Sandercock, L Dwyer 3w +20; Round 4 P Eakin, G Wood.
Tuesday 26 November - am open pairs winners J Whitfield, J Palmer; r'up G Brady, E Lange; 3rd L Bennett, B McTaggart; PM open pairs S Mackaway, P Boyd; r'up R Lund, C Bell; Random Draw G Geary, J Williams.
Wednesday 27 November - Pacific Ford mens pairs winners Steve Ibbotson, Keith Haeusler 2w +18; r'up Don Woodley, Rob Blanco 1w 1d +16; Pick a Box : best 2nd round John Whitfield, Steve Palmer +19 ($50); best 1st round Ross Howell, Marty Dixson +14 ($30);mystery margin +8 Graham Clark, Peter Harris +8 ($20).
Thursday 28 November - Ladies social bowls winners Bobbie Blackford, Maureen Cass; r'up Gail Dawson, Janny Watkins; Random Draw Sue Wilson, Mary Tannis.
Friday 29 November - am open pairs winners Shirley Whyte, Tom Killeen; r'up Ann Harvey, Maire Wessen; Random Draw Kyran Woods, Trevor Flynn.
Sunday 1 December - Ham Day open fours winners Anna Kuballa, Rita Hedges, Daryle Sullivan, Keith Haeusler 3w 42.5 points; r'up Carol Azzopardi, Pauline Boyd, Ann Harvey, Barbara Townsend 42 points; 3rd round  Team Hans van Roy 40 points; best 1st round Lee Nelson, Dean Hill, Graeme Kimball, Steve Garforth 22 points; best 2nd round John Williams, Mary Geary, Trevor Flynn, Geoff Geary 10 points.
Coming events Wednesday 4 December Sea Life open pairs 1pm $200 prizes; Wednesday 11 December Pacific Kia open pairs 1pm. Ring Mooloolaba Club 54441387 or Keith Haeusler mob 0417343931 to nominate.




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