Headland Pacific Sports Club.


 Club Maroochy.



 Monday 15 March - Men's Bowls,Winners:Kevin Moore and Tim Blatchford. Runnersup: John Nilon and Darrell How.

Thursday 18 March - Men's Bowls, Winners: John Cullen, Ray Kucks and Jim Mackney. Runnersup: Benny Pecetta, Troy Kucks and Dave Armstrong.

Monday 29 March - Men's Bowls, Winners: Kevin Moore and Tim Blatchford. Runnersup: Noel Merwood and John Field.

Thursday 1 April - Men's Bowls, Winners: Chris Forrest and Col Bolt. Runnersup: Ian Mackay, Ray Thorne and Dave Armstrong.

Thursday 8 April - Men's bowls, Winners: Ian Reibelt, Les Brazell and Bob Goodger. Runnersup: Graham Murphy, Grahame Genrich and Ken Stewart.

Monday 12 April - Men's Bowls April, Winners: Noel Merwood and John  Field. Runnersup: John Hirning and Dennis Hartley.