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Definition of an Umpire - Someone who can measure without destroying the head!

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Question 1. A player has to leave the green because of illness. Ten minutes went by and he wasn't feeling well enough to return at that time. What happens? A replacement player has been called in. Can the player who left the green, come back later and play? 

Question 2.  I am a Skip or 3rd where should I stand at the head of bowls?  

Question 3.  Can players proceed down the green while a bowl is in course?



Question 1  Answer

Yes and when I (as the constituted player) am able to return I must take my original place at the start of the next end.  Law 33.2, 33.4 and DR 2.4.5 & 2.4.6

Question 2 Answer

 If you are not in possession of the rink then behind the jack and away from the head or on the bank if the jack is in the ditch,  If you are in possession of the rink behind the jack. Law and Law

Law 23.3

Question 3 Answer

The player who has delivered the bowl has possession of the rink and should have the benefit of observing the progress of their bowl without being obstructed by ploayers who may be moving down the gren in front of them.  The first time it happens the Umpire would warn the player.  If the player offended again the last bowl played by that player or team would be declared dead.  Law 12 & 13  Penalty: Law 13.3.1