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Definition of an Umpire - Someone who can measure without destroying the head!


Test your knowledge on the Laws of the Game!

Question 1. Who can be a Replacement Player and the rule number for the definition?

Question 2. What is the definition of a Constituted player and rule number for the definition?

Question 3. What is a Substitute player and the rule number for the definition





Question 1 - 4.1.4 Replacement player is one who is appointed to take the place of an intended player prior to the start of the competition for a reason accepted by the controlling body.

Question 2 - 4.1.5 Constituted player is a member of a team who has delivered their first bowl

Question 3 - 4.1.6 Substitute is a member who acts as a proxy for an intended player or a constituted player in a team who is unavaialable or physically incapable and therefore prevented from attending or continuing in a game.