Sunshine Coast and District Arm Bowlers.

Hi There,

There is a new group of arm bowlers here on the sunshine coast known as Sunshine Coast and Districts Arm Bowlers.

Initially formed by a group of arm bowlers at Club Kawana, we now have nearly 50 financial members in the group.

We are a division of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Assoc. Inc. with the goal of playing arm bowling events here on the Sunshine Coast and having limited distance to travel to play our games. This is what the local arm bowlers have asked for and playing at various local bowls clubs.

Membership costs are only $20 per financial year, and new members who join now will be financial until 30th June 2022.

These costs are to cover mainly Insurance and administration.

Players are covered for Insurance whilst travelling to and from and during sanctioned events.

Members are entitled to play in all major arm bowling events including the State Arm Bowlers annual championships and can also nominate for State selection.

The first of our games will be held at Club Kawana on Sunday 16th May.

Nominations are now open, and we encourage new and inexperienced arm bowlers to come along. They will be paired with experienced arm bowlers which will allow them the chance to have a game which will even out the teams and give them a chance to be among the winners.

 Scroll down for event flyer.

 All information regarding our group can be obtained by contacting either:

 Geoff. Cooper.     mobile    0417 754910. or

Lee Newing.        mobile    0437 113067.




Geoff. Cooper.